Sardarni Savinder Kaur


The purpose of education is to provide vision sensitivity and creativity. It is the combination of virtue, value and versatility that education provides which makes the learner convert challenges into opportunities. The present century has been acclaimed as the knowledge century. As eminent management scientist Peter Drucker had said “the next society will be dominant work force in future times to come”, we put great trust on this aspect. To meet such challenges, we shall not leave any stone unturned for providing appropriate infrastructure including building and machinery. We stand committed to our statement of our vision & mission. We wish a grand eventful life to students so that we as a management may feel proud of their brilliant success.

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S. Maan Singh


We started with the vision of imparting technical education to the youth of this area when this region was least represented and no education provider dared to venture due to rural and economically backward area. We were the pioneers and today we are leaders. we are of the view that education alone illumines the brains of the youngsters and its dissemination needs earnest efforts on the part of management in general and teachers in particular .According to Dr. S. Radhakrishnan education should develop the enquiring mind which is full of curiosity and creativity and we are putting in our every effort to tread the path as aspired by our philosophers and educationists. I heartily congratulate all concerned and with them a happy academic year.

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Advocate S. Sarvpreet Singh

Gen. Secretary

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. This would help us to not only get a good job or a reputed future but would also educate us to become good citizens of the nation at large and this is just the reason why education is just the most important thing that you can think of. Education simply helps you know a lot about life and helps you to lead your life in the best possible way. LKPC mission to make every student globally employable. Focus on personality development of each student through development of positive attitude, leadership qualities and self awareness. We are committed to train our students professionally to attain the target of 100% placement in reputed companies all over the nation as well world. Here, we not only guide student in a particular subject but also through his/her life by providing the necessary inputs to be a better person in their life.

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Er. Harwinder Singh

Jt. Secretary

Lord Krishna Polytechnic College . has proved its esteem by providing highly innovative courses in an industry oriented, professional and competitive mindset to fulfill the aspirations of the students and to blend the work experiences of professionals with updated news based curriculum in Technology. In SUS, the students are trained in various expertise branches so that knowledge gained in the academic institute is fruitfully utilized. In this regard, I would welcome the industries in India and abroad to come forward and train our students which enables us to produce competent professional with good human values. I am proud of the milestones achieved by the college within a short span of time and look at the future with optimism and confidence. I am in no doubt that the collaboration between companies and academics would strengthen by interaction and utilization of knowledge of budding Professionals

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